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RM-518 Remote aka X-gene, nMedia, Adesso, etc.

Discussion in 'Remotes' started by swift11, July 3, 2009.

  1. Try using the Generic HID plugin for now. Not all buttons show up but most of them do. It shows 3 devices, I use both the midle and lower one. Set to Raw data.


    Add keyboard plugin for the rest of the buttons(number keys, ok button etc)
    changing them also changes the behaviour of your regular keyboard!

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  2. swift11

    swift11 Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info ! :)

    Especially since we probably won't have an EventGhost plugin, at least for now ...

    NB: the number keys, Num Lock, Clear and Enter work fine in Notepad, so the keyboard plugin doesn't seem necessary to me
  3. Any news on this remote?

    Here are the keys I got EventGhost to recognize using Alucard's advice:
    • HID.0546
    • HID.0525
    • HID.0547
    • HID.0548
    • HID.0549
    • HID.038D00
    • HID.0524
    • HID.054A
    • HID.03E900
    • HID.03EA00
    • HID.030902
    • HID.03B700
    • HID.03CD00
    • HID.03B300
    • HID.03B400
    • HID.03B500
    • HID.03E200

    Anything else I can do? Perhaps another program I can try ? (HIP couldn't work with the device at all...)


    BTW the links above are mostly dead, you can check out the remote here:
    Newegg.com - X-Gene 01034 Black 2.4 GHz Wireless MCE Remote Control w/ Optical Trackball
  4. For posterity - this software seems to handle the remote well:
    LM Remote KeyMap (it has a free version)
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  5. I got this trackball remote working via Event Ghost to MP v1.2 in Windows 7. I am happy to tell how, if anyone is interested.
  6. Hi,

    I would very much like to hear how you set it up, as i'm trying to do exactly that, get the stop pause record and so forth keys to work in media portal in my keyboard x-gene 1030
  7. Great, glad I can help someone else after slogging through to a solution.

    In a nutshell, I got all the remote buttons working using EvenGhost (an open-source remote utility) using its built-in "Keyboard", "Generic HID" and "MediaPortal" plugins. The latter requires the "Message Plugin" plugin be installed in MP for it to work.

    So, you need to download & install;
    1. EventGhost
    2. Message Plugin for MediaPortal

    In EventGhost, add the "Keyboard" plugin and three instances of the "Generic HID" plugin. When you go the config of the HID plugin you will see why - our remote appears multiple times (shown as "HOLTEK"). All instances of the device in this list have identical descriptions, so I entered "a" in the event prefix for the top one, and "b" for the second line and "c" for the third to see what was going on. Once you have started all the input plugins, start mashing away on the remote and you should see that all button presses give a response (in the left-hand pane of EventGhost screen). NB I disabled Windows Media Centre in Windows 7 Control Panel as some buttons will start it.

    Now add the "MediaPortal" plugin in EventGhost. You need to map all the button presses to the relevant MP action (press the button, then drag and drop it from left hand pane onto the MediaPortal action). Make sure you have installed the "Message Plugin" plugin in MP or it won't work. Also, I disabled all aother remotes in MP Config.

    I have attached my EventGhost config file - if you are lucky, this might work for you and save you having to map the buttons. Also attached is a pdf with the mappings etc listed, in case it helps.

    Good luck!

    View attachment oli.xml

    View attachment Trackball Remote in EventGhost for MP.pdf
  8. PS I would add that this is the the Media Centre Trackball Remote that Maplin are currently selling in the UK - it says FSQ-RM518 on the back. This hadn't been mentioned previously in this thread, so I thought I would get it in now to help any future searchers looking to get the thing working in MP!
  9. Desperately want to get mine working as hoverdonkey , but unfortunately mine does not show as holtek in device manager - I only have generic hid agains all
    Any ideas or links to the driver for this ?


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