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    1. rossparkes
      Hi ltfearme, please ignore my earlier note, I've managed to work out that the issue is in Trakt not MP-TVSeries. Cheers Ross
    2. rossparkes
    3. kiwijunglist
      How's your trailer plugin coming along? :D Merry Xmas.
    4. Nephilim
      Hi ltfearme,

      I've updated the Showtimes plugin, now it has two more property: #st_imdb and #st_tmdb.
      Sorry for the delay, hope this help.
      Thank for consider Showtimes plugin in your Trakt plugin.

    5. MPnut

      Got what i think maybe a bug within StreamedMp. I discovered it whilst recently creating a Movie data base using ants movie catalogue.

      The problem is that the movie comments dont show up whilst in my films, and sometimes neither do the description or actors details. However their are some movie entries that do display correctly but not too many.

      Ive reverted back to the default wide skin and everything in catalogue displays correctly. Ive posted in my films and both Zeus and Guzzi have checked my db and confirmed this issue. They said you maybe able to take a look for me.

      More detail can be found in my previous posts to them @ _

      Would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look and see if theres maybe any soutution. Anyway would just like to say thanks in advance for your help and for making such a great skin.
    6. Undel
    7. ltfearme
      jeffreynl, as mentioned we have already done the work we just need to wait until MediaPortal 1.2 goes Beta.
    8. jeffreynl
      Hello Itfearme!!

      I have a question, i was reading a topc about a button for trailers. Is there any progress?

      Re: Trailer Button Possible Now? (StreamedMP, MovingPictures & OnlineVideos)
      Sorry for any confusion, but the trailer button was pulled from that earlier release after discovering that it will only work with MediaPortal 1.2 Beta (which is not yet released).

      Once MP 1.2 Beta is released to public we will push out a new version of our skin with the trailer button in MovingPictures and MyVideos.
    9. wietze
      Hello Trevor,

      First of all i want to thank you for the perfect skin. everything realy works and the system remains stable.

      i have a question about the tvguide, in the netherlands we have a ratingsystem called "Kijkwijzer" with this system there are icons used to give info about minimum age and type of program. In my TVGuide the info is pressent, but i cant get it on the screen.
      is it possible to get it and how must i do that.

      If its not yet implemented in StreamedMP , then is my question if you can do that in a upcomming version.

      Thanks and greets,

      Wietze Ferwerda
    10. kiwijunglist
      Trevor and I have been working on some fanart orientated screens for now playing music.

      Version 1 - Full screen fanart

      Version 2 - Have the artist fanart in a smaller window. This is because the fanart images for music are often low resolution (especially the ones scraped by the audioscrober/ We were hoping to make Version 2a and Version 2b. Version 2a would support all the current skin elements. eg. Album best track list / Others Tracks Tagged with ... / album thumbs / next track thumbs / equaliser / vu meter ... etc... Version 2b would skip the track lists, for a less cluttered look.

      I would value your opinion. Can you look at this post here

      It contains an animated gif, I'm wondering about loosing the clock and the title bar, but I'd like your thoughts. I'm trying to suss out the main layout of Version 2a.

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