1. O

    MP1 Upgrade to 1.17 causes playback of recordings to stop

    I upgraded to MP1 1.17 and got an error when installing: "invalid file handler 32". I clicked ok and it installed anyway. Now when I playback a recording the video stops after 5 or 10 minutes but the audio continues on for a minute or so and then it locks up completely and I have to use task...
  2. 2mad

    StreamedMP and MP 1.17.0 final

    Hey folks, I haven´t updated MP for some time (still using 1.12) and as I currently have some spare time, I thought it might be time to do so. Unfortunately the StreamedMP documentation only shows compatibility up to MP 1.15.x. Has anybody tried it with 1.17.0 final, yet?
  3. high

    [News] MediaPortal 1 - 1.17.0 Released!

    We've just finished the final 1.17.0 release of MediaPortal 1. Highlights of this release MyVideos We fixed some bugs with video views, especially collections, user groups and libraries. We also added new properties to display icons of movie awards, extended MPAA text and movie awards text...
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