1. P

    EPG Schedule hours off

    I'm using EPG Buddy with MP2 & I'm getting correct EPG data populated. The problem is the schedule seems to be 5 hours behind displayed in MP2's timeline banner. I've experimented with all the setting in the XmlTV plug-in & I cannot get a proper EPG load. Help please!
  2. breese

    Tools and other software EPG-Buddy Channel Grabs

    @Lehmden I have spent a few hours testing and going over the results of the latest version of EPG-Buddy As a result of my testing, I have discovered that following the instructions for grabbing ATCS, U.S.A. TVGuide data, there is a difference between the Channels found after putting in...
  3. breese

    Tools and other software EPG-Buddy ATSC USA Testing

    @lightshock @Lehmden While I do understand how hard it is to support the ATSC function without having a system within the U.S.A. I am more than willing to assist in any way possible, even giving access thru TeamViewer. While testing the new EPG-Buddy for U.S.A. ATSC scanning and import into...
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