sleep problem

  1. Edwardfc

    [solved] Mp 2.2.1 Configuration Issues - Goes to Sleep while playing Music

    I am trying to configure MP2: 2.2.1 correctly. I am a long time user of MP1 and am trying to change over to MP2. With MP1 I never had any sleep issues, but over the past two years I have attempted to install MP2, as it continues to mature, but I come back to the same issue: frustratingly I...
  2. M

    Problem after coming out of sleep

    Hi guys im hoping someone can either help me or point me in the right direction. Ive set up mediaportal 2 on a DELL Optiplex with 4 gb of ram and an i3 dual core 3.3ghz processor with a 500gb HDD. Everything is working beautifully but when the computer gets woken up by Mediaportal most of the...
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