1. A

    VB-IP SPAIN Movistar plus tunning details (Update 26 dec 2018)

    Hi all NEW update at December 2018 Here comes a new tuning details for IPTV provider Movistar Plus. Movistar TV bought his competitor Canal Plus and the joint is called Movistar Plus, many channels has changed their original names and some has changed tunning details. Here comes the new...
  2. mrspock

    New Spain-Madrid Frequency

    Hi. There is a new frequency in Madrid (Spain) for DVB-T: 562000. Not sure if new frequencies for other regions in Spain has changed, but can be checked at TDT canales tv frecuencias lista | TDT1. In addition, I am moving to MP2 today, and I will like to add this new frequency to MP2, but I do...
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