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    streaming out UDP instead of RTSP

    Hi, I am new to networking and stuff but I want to change the outgoing stream that tv-server outputs from RTSP to UDP, is there anyone who can point me in the right direction to start doing this? It doesn't matter if timeshift is involved as long as the outgoing stream is in the UDP://12345 sort...
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    Is it possible with Media Portal?

    Hi people, I have a Windows 10 computer (desktop), and i want to stream PC contents and watch tv, on a TV with what i think it`s a Pace DCR 8151 or DCR 7151 (i`m not quite sure) tuner. I have also a router provided by my Internet Service Provider which connects to the TV tuner (for watching...
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    MediaPortal2 will not stream content for multi-seat configuration

    Hi, I installed MP2 with server-client option on computer "Home". I added media to the client in the local directory and plays fine. I installed MP2 with client only option on computer "Lennie". Lennie attached to Home and downloaded the meta data for my media and EPG listings. Lennie is listed...
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