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  1. Steve.Rayner61

    [solved] Yellow Subtitle button on remote - Initial press works, subsequent presses don't

    Hi all, This started for me after the 1.15.0 upgrade. When you press the yellow button whilst watching TV or video, you get the next toggle setting for subtitles, but subsequent presses of the button do nothing. You can get around this by pressing some other button in between (Such as volume up...
  2. Steve.Rayner61

    WITHDRAWN (With apologies) - Yellow Subtitle Button not working since 1.16.0 upgrade

    Apologies to anyone who had already read my post below. I made a mistake. I'd forgotten that I had to do a complete install of 1.16.0 (Rather than upgrade), so the option to enable DVB Subtitles in TV config was off. Having said this, the issue that appeared after the 1.15.0 upgrade, where the...
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