WITHDRAWN (With apologies) - Yellow Subtitle Button not working since 1.16.0 upgrade (1 Viewer)


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  • December 12, 2011
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    Apologies to anyone who had already read my post below. I made a mistake. I'd forgotten that I had to do a complete install of 1.16.0 (Rather than upgrade), so the option to enable DVB Subtitles in TV config was off.

    Having said this, the issue that appeared after the 1.15.0 upgrade, where the yellow button only works once, still remains. I'll log another differently titles post for that one :) Also, there has been a subtle but annoying (For me anyway) change to the TV operation in 1.16.0 for which I'll log another post.


    Hi all,

    I think after the upgrade to 1.15.0, the yellow button, which has historically been used as the subtitle toggle, started playing up. At first press, it would display the first subtitle option, but subsequent presses did nothing. You could however fool it by pressing another button (e.g. Volume up or down), then pressing the yellow button would toggle to the next subtitle selection and so on.

    Now that I have upgraded to 1.16.0, the yellow button is not working at all? All other buttons are OK. I've had a look at the HID config/mapping section in MediaPortal Configuration, but it's all very confusing.

    Before I get into this with too much depth, has anyone else had this issue and can offer a quick solution?

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