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  • August 29, 2006
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    I've been gone for a while and my memory isn't jiving with how 1.3 looks. I am trying to set up 4 Colossus devices in TV Server using DirecTV SHEF for tuning. I remember how to get that to work, but I can't remember how to get the channels added. All of them will be using HDMI for both Audio and Video. I have a Schedules Direct subscription, but I'm not going to be using it for the EPG as I have a better XMLTV source already configured. I tried to use the SD plugin, but apparently it isn't compatible with 1.3. Can somebody help me?


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    December 11, 2012
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    The only method I have found so far is just the instructions for manually adding each channel one at a time. Is that what you are looking for, or are you looking for a way to automatically import all the channels? (That's what I'm trying to find at the moment...)


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    August 10, 2013
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    Hi toricred. I see you've posted a ton in the past about your DirecTV/MP setup. I'm trying to break into that myself using Colossus cards. Can you give me some tips on the easiest way to configure everything? Is there a step by step guide that's been posted somewhere? My two main questions just starting out now are:

    How are you connecting each Colossus you have? Are you using the Whole Home service with multiple mini Genie units?

    You mention using the HDMI input on the Colossus. How are you getting around the encryption? I found a thread on videohelp where users have been posting which hdmi switches bought at various online retailers strip the encryption when passing the signal through. Is that what you use?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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