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October 4, 2005
Using the latest code I have compiled MP using C# Express.
It all works fine but it uses ALL the cpu and is very sluggish.

The official RC1 download does not do this.
My cpu is 3.2Ghz XP64 (32bit mode).

I have also tried it on my video pc (Sempron3100) with the same result.

Is it just me or is this a known problem ?


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July 11, 2004
GusTheSadGeek said:
Is there anyone out there the DOES NOT have this problem with the latest build ?

if u download from anonomy CVS u wont get the update cause Sourgefourge has problems.



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September 22, 2004
hi i have the same Problems here after insatlling RC1 everything working fine.

When i install one of the latest cvs (mediaportal-cvs-11-16-2005--19-37.rar) the cpu is nearly 100 cpu after i started mp with the projectx skin.

I find out that when i use one of the other skin how dont have any animation at startup it works very fine and the cpu ist still 0%.

Do you know any workaround?

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