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February 15, 2009
Keep in mind I have almost everyting set to default, as I am new. I am using PowerDVD and Virtual Drive to play ripped ISO's.

1. When I load media portal I think I had it set up so that when I was scrolling through "My Movies" it would give me info about the movie, but now its not doing it anymore. Now all I see are the movie posters with no text. I tried changing from list to posters to icons and still can't see the text description. When I go into the customization part I can see that info has been downloaded on the movies. How do i get this to show?

2. How to I get descriptions for TV shows. I am using the naming system - ie Battlestar Galactice S01E01 I can't seem to get info on these. Which sever will give that info?



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  • November 8, 2008

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