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January 3, 2008
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Started on: 2012-08-25
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Summary: a better integration of Plugins in Mediaportal

Area: Mediaportal Gui and Plugins

It would be nice if some Plugins would be better integrated in some menus of Mediaportal. So you have the this options :
- In the channel guide you should be have a option to open a Plugin with a parameter from the channel guide. So you can open directly MpTVSeries,Trakt.Tv, Moving Pictures or MyVideo with a program (movie, series, etc). from the channel guide. You should be able to add a program from the channel guide to a list in trakt.tv or look for a trailer in Webvideos.
- In the Music view you should be able to search a song or a artist in Webvideos ( Youtube)
- When you are waching a program in Live.TV you should be able to mark manually this program as "seen" in trakt.tv.
- Maybe, there are a lot of more reasons to have a better integration of Plugins in Mediaportal.


Portal Pro
January 3, 2008
Germany Germany
Do you mean like the share option in android?
This could be a good improvement, too.

But I think rather that the different areas or plugins in MediaPortal could communicate better. For example, the plug-and Trakt.tv MpTVSeries. This should be linked to all relevant Breiche MediaPortal.

- If I have selected in the EPG an episode of a series, it should be possible to have these messages directly in Trakt.tv Plugin. Genuso they should also be shown directly in MpTVSeries.

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