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It's true, I don't read much of the documentation. I am lazy and things should be self-evident. In this perspective, if I may, I'll contribute some thoughts. Sorry if some of this has already been discussed.

I think that as a general rule the menus should be limited to what is really necessary, or somehow aggregated to make the top level "logically uniform".
So, for example:
Why have an Eject button? (I think I saw this in the todo list)
Why have R. Slideshow? (which is not really clear nor pretty to see. is it random? reverse? I know, one can read the documentation, but one shouldn't have to... and why not a condensed "slideshow" button with options within it?)
Why have a Create Thumbs button? Don't thumbs get created automatically when you enter a folder?
Why have an IMDB search and not a CDDB search? Why not call it something that is more eye-pleasing in the menu?

Other random feature requests:
- Remember settings for viewing mode, sorting, etc. even between sessions
- In the main list of alarms, show if the alarm is active rather than SMTWTFS...
- By default, for a new alarm, activate all days
- One-time alarms

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