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August 1, 2015
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Hello all, newbie here so excuse the Q's. Recently upgraded to win 10 and Loving it so far - apart from the demise of WMC. On the upside - I've installed and (mostly) have Mediaportal working. Great program, great support and easy to follow setup instructions - hence the 'thanks' - so....thanks.

Now the inevitable silly quastion: The Electronic Program Guide doesn't work (it used to work in WMC). I've followed the setup instructions, can watch and record TV but the program guide won't populate. On a small side note - I had installed mediaportal 2. There was audio but no video and despite trying a few different fixes from online nothing remedied this. However in mediaportal 2 the EPG did autopopulate.

I'm pretty simple at times so can I ask that if you have suggestions on how to fix the no EPG issue, then you explicitly spell out the process to follow - ie. step one - follow 'this' link and download, install it to 'this' folder, open mediaportal and click on 'this'...etc. This will reduce the likelihood that I'm back on here with further silly questions - taking up space and everyone's time.

Thanks yet again.

By way of contributing, myself... if anyone is interested in setting up a Playstation 'playTV' to play and record TV to a PC, I can help. You'll need the playTV 'box', antenna cable to connect into the playTV 'box' (from your normal outdoor TV antenna), and a USB cable. I use this setup to watch and record terrestrial digital TV in Australia via a 2014 macbook pro running bootcamp/win 10 on mediaportal1 and it works flawlessly (aside from the current lack of EPG).

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