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August 11, 2009
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Hi all,

I am LOVING MP! It's very new for me (only been about 2 months now) hence teething issues are normal but i've hit some walls where searching this forum, the wiki and google aren't helping me.

I previously have been using 7MC + media browser (for 5 years now) which was awesome but this is by far much better if I can get it right. If I can then I am happy to donate to Media portal + the guys who make the skinds I like...

Here are my challenges:
1. Music player enters standby - after 15 mins or so of music playing my PC enters standby mode, then upon resuming doesn't play sound untilI restart MP.
2. Plasma image retention - I play music for long periods of time on my plasma display, unfortunately (unlike 7MC) there is no option to have a scrolling / moving music player window so that I don't have to worry about image retention. Is there a particular option somewhere or something I am missing?
3. Powerschewduler++ - I tried installing this numerous times (thru MP configurator) but it doesn't show me the program in the plugins list so I have no idea how to sort out the standby / power issues

and then secondary problems:

4. Weather, last fm and various others crash upon opening saying the can't find the xml file (with a black screen). Any ideas? It's prob very simple but i'm lost here...

I am running:
MP - fully updated
Avalon HD skin
ATI radeon HD5670 GFX
Win 7 32 bit Pro

Any other info you need?


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  • June 24, 2009
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    I just upgraded from XP to Win7 myself and having power issues, here is what i found out,

    1-Win7 MCE did not play nicely with MP even when the eHome services were disabled, i ended up settling for Win7 Home Basic, have not had incossistent bootups, blue/black screens on resume.

    2-If HTPC restarts after every 15 minutes whether watching/listening to media try disabling the Powerschedulers settings under MP configurations,once installed the application places an icon both under the TV and MP configurations i only setup my standby time under TV settings and that resolved the issue for me.

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