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November 29, 2004
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Here comes Scope again with an annoying post ;)

1. When pressing Y while watching fullscreen TV, you get information on what program is on right no on the current channel in SMALL BLUE text, the next program is shown in LARGE WHITE text. Would be much better if the current program is shown in large white and the next program in small blue. Or what do you all think? :)

2. There is an option for using colors in TVGuide depending on Genre. That is a nice option, but the guide becomes very messy with all the colors. Instead of all colors, a small ICON to the left showing what type of genre it is, would be awesome. Like a Football if its sports etc.

2.5 Also in the TVGuide. The "No TVGuide info available" areas could be removed completely. I think everyone understands that if an area is clear, there is no info on that time for that channel :) It would look much better that way.

3. I love the feature "Live TV in the background", although it does only work with movies. A global key for this feature would be awesome.

4. To be able to configure the Hauppauge remote better, add more info on where you are. For instance when watching tv in fullscreen the title is "Media Portal - My TV/fullscreen". When pressing Y I want a new setup for all the buttons to control the menu-system. So if you set the title to something like "Media Portal - My TV/fullscreen/menu" or "Media Portal - My TV/fullscreen/context" would be great!

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