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  • December 17, 2010
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    Due to big LCD/Plasma TV Screens with high resolutions lots of pictures are too tiny on the screen. If I look at a single picture I can press "1" on remote. But that is gone at the next picture. With Slideshow this is nearly unusable. I would love to have a possibility to choose a "default zoom mode" as on TV and Video so I can decide to see all pictures scaled to fit the screen.
    As the main functionality is already build in, this should not be too hard to realise, I hope.
    Maybe a kind Dev can do me this favour.:D

    Many thanks in advance.


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  • December 17, 2006
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    I also have a few in my collection dating back more than 10 years when a digital resolution of 640 x 480 was NICE.

    So I would also welcome a setting for default zoom mode.


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    November 1, 2006
    AW: Ability to set/change default Zoom Mode

    had the same "problem" with the social plugin (facebook pictures) there is even no possibility to zoom in. So my solution is for now to change the resolutiion of my tv to 720 p instead of full hd... Just a workaround but works ...

    But i would also prefer a default (changeable!) zoom mode


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    Re: AW: Ability to set/change default Zoom Mode

    I too would like to put in my 5-cents' worth: I have a series of NASA pictures which are of various resolutions - when using them via slideshow, the amount of blank space on my screen is painfully obvious at times. A zoom option, such as for video/tv/dvd, would be nice.

    Pat Clark

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    April 25, 2012
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    An alternative would be a "fit to window" option in config. I believe large pics are already scaled down, but small ones are not scaled up. I, too, have lots of old pictures that are small.


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    This is something I would like to see as well. To be more precise:
    1. Pictures seem to be automatically reduced to fit the screen, but (sometimes) get distorted if the picture's aspect ratio does not match the screen's. (This doesn't always happen, but I don't find any rhyme or reason to it.)
    I would like an option to respect the original aspect ratio.
    2. Smaller pictures are not expanded by default.
    I would like an option to automatically expand them, while respecting the setting of the aspect ratio option mentioned above.
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