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July 14, 2007
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This is for the MediaPortal team:

I accidentally ended up on the "ABOUT" MediaPortal page today and since I was there I decided to read it. Having read it I think the following needs changing:

In 2006 MediaPortal enters a new aera with the release of the TV server. For the first time users can now use multiple frontends for viewing & recording TV streamed from 1 or more TV servers.

The reason it needs changing is because if someone who has never looked at MP before were to read that the wording makes it look like the site/information has not been updated since 2006 (this is mainly because the word "enters" makes it sound like this feature is coming soon, but it's referring to 2006 :rolleyes:) I think it should say something like this:

In 2006 MediaPortal entered a new era with the release of the TV server. This feature allows users to run multiple front ends for viewing & recording TV streamed from 1 or more TV servers. That means you can watch recorded TV in one room while someone else (your wife? :D ) watches a different programme (live or recorded) in another room PLUS you could be recording multiple programmes at the same time!

Note: The text in blue is the salesperson in me coming out - the MP gods might not want that on the ABOUT page but I think it's a great feature and people deserve to know about it :)




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August 9, 2007
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I second Bleazle, IMHO the last paragraph in the About (hey, never seen it before!!) needs to be changed. It really seems MediaPortal development stopped in 2006...

Bleazle's suggestion seems good to me.


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  • August 31, 2004
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    sadly we know that the content is far outdated...and as it matches that point...if anyone of you is interested to renew and/or rewrite some articles...send me a PM please. We really need guys who can provide some new stuff here for the renewed homepage as the team is fully busy with 1.0.1.

    Especially the 'features' pages need to be extended, so if someone wants a task to do...hands up please ;)

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