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February 23, 2012
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Think we could help each other here, I have got this, set it up and its running, Im a bit of a noob so might not be getting best out of it therefore willing to try suggestions/solutions proposed and will report back

Anyway installed win8:

hooked up to gigabit network but it was fussy about cable type saying 100mb, used different cable and now get 1gb

Had a bit of problem with surround sound from my AV receiver but it appears it will only passthrough on SPDIF so thats sorted now

It is really quiet, I would suy no louder than my sky box, to be honest i cant here it apart from boot up

The GUI is a bit sluggish using Avalon, now there could be some reasons for this:
- my videos are stored on a drobo attached to TV server, think this slows down moving pictures and TV series
- It has only 2GB ram, not sure if thats enough
- The fanart etc is stored locally therefore do i need SSD?

I have a feeling that my setup with my server is not yet perfect will work on that this week

Playing media so far seems nearly perfect although:

video I get a slight stutter/jump every 20-30mins, this seems total weird, its perfect then all of a sudden that??? think im using FFFdshow codecs as per SAF guide.

TV just seems ever so sloghtly stuttery in fast motion such as football, is that normal?? Using power DVD 12 codecs from unlocked SAF

if anyone wnats me to try anything then list away , im sure it will help me get the best out of this


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