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    i'm sorry MM :unsure:
    No need to apologise. Your English is much better than my French! ;)

    if it's 0 , mean than TD doesn't exist right and this channel is empty ?
    Yes, correct.
    ...and if a channel is "empty" (has zero TDs) then it can't be tuned.

    it can be an good way, but the user need to copy this list on notepad, and search manualy each channel by filter, and delete it one/one.
    No, copy and search would not be necessary. The list could be used to select which (if any) channels should be deleted immediately at the end of the scan. So, it would be:
    1. Normal scan including add and update TDs and channels.
    2. Scan finishes.
    3. If there are any TDs that were not updated ("old TDs"), a new popup window will be shown. In the window is the list of old TDs (probably only the names). Caption says: "These tuning details don't seem to be available anymore. Select the tuning details that you'd like to delete."
    4. User selects the TDs that they want to delete. They can select all... or none... or some.
    5. User clicks "delete/OK" button.
    6. TVE deletes the selected TDs immediately. For each TD, if the channel associated with the TD has only one TD (which has been deleted), then the channel will also be deleted automatically. Otherwise, if the channel has more than one TD, the channel will not be deleted.
    Clear? :)

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