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Luke Roberts

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August 23, 2007
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I like to group my TV channels. Music channels in the MUSIC group, News channels in the NEWS Group, ENGLISH, DUTCH, FILM, etc... To make TV zapping easy (without having to change groups) I also have a ALL CHANNELS group.

It would be nice if I could simply add the NEWS, MUSIC, FILM, DUTCH, ENGLISH, ENTERTAINMENT, REGIONAL groups as channel blocks to the ALL CHANNEL group. When I add a channel to the music group it should automatically be visable in the ALL CHANNELS group in MP TV (or any other group that has the MUSIC group).

This change would make channel organising much easier and way less time consuming, because at the moment I have to maintain the ALL CAHANNELS group AND each theme group (MUSIC, NEWS, etc..)

Naturally, there should be a check in the system to prevent circular loops when users add a group to itself (MUSIC to MUSIC), or a group A that contains a group B that contains a group A.


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April 11, 2008
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U are right. I'm also want to group all my channels and have tvguide like this
I have at least 80 channels and even with B&W skin (witch have more channels in tvguide than standard skin) i can't get effective tvguide to my TV.
I found this 0002024: Improve TvGuide for switching tvgroups - MediaPortal Bugtracker improvement in SVN whitch could be in 1.0.1 release. But i think there is no ability to realise our idea with it.
Some comments from developers here? I'm really want to add this feature and improuve the best Media solution.

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