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January 23, 2005
Hello. I usually update my mp every other day from cvs. I have automated the process of downloading, compiling and updating my copy of mp automatically. Recently however I've been adding my own code and classes to the program. My code additions require changes to MediaPortal.cs and other existing cs files. I've managed to automatically update the code using windows grep, command line and batch file. The only problem im running into is that simply placing my custom cs files in the MediaPortal source directory isnt enough. I have to manually run VS.nET ide and add the files to the project and then I can succesfully compile. I was wondering whether I can automatically add the files to the project using command line.

Perhaps the list of files in the project is stored in a text/xml project file which i can grep as well to add my custom files. thus far, i havent been able to do this.

UPDATE/EDIT:::: LOLZ. Nevermind. 5 Minutes after this post, ive found the files that i can edit to add my custom files using grep search and replace.

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