Adding T9 functionality to the mediaportal search, demo + source app included

Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by MoPhat, August 11, 2008.


Do you need a T9 search possibilty like a mobile phone?

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  1. MoPhat
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    Hi, i had mor as one time missed a function like the mobile phones had... the T9 text entering.

    On my tv with the remote control is very diffculty to enter a new search word (no keyboard attached).
    The same is for my women if she wants to search something and i must told her to use the keyboard (!WAF!) or the cursor keys on the remote to select the letters on the OSD... :mad:

    So i'm created a small test application for simulating T9 on the computer.

    View attachment 24227

    How to use the test app?
    just type the numbers 0 - 9 on your keyboard to get the letter, after waiting one second you can enter the next letter.
    If you hit the key multiple time, the letter will change to the next one.

    • Key 0 = {SPACE}, ".", ' , @, - , ","
    • Key 1 = A, B, C, Ä
    • Key 2 = D, E , F
    • Key 3 = G, H, I
    • Key 4 = J, K, L
    • Key 5 = M, N, O
    • Key 6 = P, Q, R ,S
    • Key 7 = T, U, V
    • Key 8 = W, X ,Y ,Z
    • Key 9 = !, *, %, &

    Attached are a sample app and the sources too :D

    Why we doesnt build in a T9 in the mediaportal for all text boxes where the user can select if he wants the normal one or the T9 in the config?

    And if this finds the way in a svn, please think it to create a skin file instead of hardcoded skin elements so that a designer can customizte the look and fell of the search modules ;)

    Feel free to test / modifyed it.
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  3. vuego
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    August 5, 2006
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    Hi MoPhat how many women do you have? :)

    Have you tried the virtual keyboard of My Worldmap plugin? It has the T9 style input as well.

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