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    I like to suggest some additions to filenames for local fanart, based on new Kodi naming schemes. This way MP2 is fully compatible with any preparation tool like tMM, Ember and so on. Aside this it would make my work on Media-Buddy much easier.
    First, allow "landscape.jpg" as name for movie thunbs. Right now it is "thumb.jpg".

    Second allow a central folder for movieset artwork. This is in preparation of upcoming Kodi 19 where this will be the only way to store local movieset fanart.
    Here ist a quote from the Kodi Wiki:
    To prepare and be compatible with Kodi v19, use the following method...
    1. Create the Central Movie Set folder
    2. Create sub-folders for each movie set
    3. Name the movie set sub-folder exactly as the collection is named in Kodi. This is important or else the movie set folder will be ignored.
    4. Save artwork to the sub-folder using short filenames. (See image)
    and the screenshot mentioned is:

    I know we are not Kodi or a "Kodi clone" but if we are compatible here it don't hurt MP2 at all and is much easier for everyone (excerpt for the Dev who has to do this ;) ).

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