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March 3, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am trying to quieten my server down at the moment - the temperatures inside are really cool, so I don't need my case fans on full blast as they are fairly noisy - not massively so, but given my server is on whenever I am at home, it would be nice to quieten it down.

Ideally, I would like to get a fan controller with temperature probes that could automatically increase fan speed only when needed (perhaps even turn them off if the server is just idling). I did look at doing this with Speed Fan and the Bios itself, but it does not seem to work particularly well, so I would prefer to go the hardware way.

Any suggestions for something that would do the trick would be much appreciated.

My only criteria really are that it needs to support at least two fans, be totally automatic and preferably fit into one 5.25" slot (I have seen some that fit into two, but this seems a bit unecessary).

Thanks very much.


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