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Ok I have a FusionHDTV DVB-T card and I am looking at a 2nd tuner. What I like about this card is its ease of use and tuning.

So what I am looking for is a dual tuner setup (i know a little funny seeing as I am from oz and only have 6 channels to choose from) with a bonus of possibly a FM tuner onboard for $150 or less.

I have looked at the following
- Visionplus
- Xpert DTV (seems to require quite alot of fiddling)
- FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite (looks like what I want but doesn't have Radio tuner)

Can anyone give me an opinion? Also on a sidenote If the lite card from dvico has Antenna passthrough does that mean I can run antenna to lite card first from wall and then into second card?

Cheers Again


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    im thinking of getting a 2nd Dvico HDTV tuner too...i already have a Dvico USB2(no PCI slots available) i may get another USB...

    also i see no reason why the antenna passthru would not work...i thought it may look kinda weird, perhaps the signal strength may drop if u use crappy cables...but otherwise i see no problem with that at all

    i would go the Dvico USB2 again quite happily


    Cheers mate. Yeah still debating over FM radio tuner but it really isn't worthh it with all the radio streams i can get now.

    I spoke to Renura at digitalnow. I can get a Dvico Fusion lite to go with my full version fusion and passthrough the signal. The passthorugh has a 3db amplifier on it so I assumethe signal strength shows so adverse affects.

    now I can pause the 7pm simpsons and watch Home and Away and then go back to simpsons and timeshift :) (just kidding about the Home and away though :))

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