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December 31, 2017
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I'm testing out MP2, and when setting up recording folders / etc. in TV Server config, there is no way to enter a UNC path. The text boxes in the UI are read-only, and the browse dialog has no text entry box.

Minimally, enabling a text entry box on the browser dialog would make life easier for those needing to direct-enter a path. I typically do not have NetBIOS / discovery enabled on my machines and network. I can also think of some share security scenarios where someone might not have permission to browse through a share root to get to an allowed folder.
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    Hi and Welcome in our community.
    Using a network drive as recordings folder is not the best decision. On startup of the TV server the "other" system needs to be awake (no problem on an 24/7 system for sure) and the network connection must be up already. Windows is not the fastest enabling network connections on startup, so it can be possible that the TV server can not start because it can not access it's recording folder. Aside this, recordings and even more timeshifting is a very timing sensible thing. UNC drives generally are not than fast and responsive. It is possible to use UNC path but in general local path is the much better choice, if you want to run an foolproof and stable TV system.

    And then there is something you will find out later, if you browse our forum more deeply. The TV engine recently used in MP (1 and 2) is called TV Engine 3.0. This TVE is pretty old and is lacking some useful features. That's why there is a new TVE in development, called TVE 3.5. To make development of TVE 3.5 more easy, the old TVE 3.0 is in "code freeze". No new features are implemented any more. Your feature request will be rejected for the current TV engine but maybe added to the new one.

    As we are short on devs (as most OpenSource projects) it will take it's time until TVE 3.5 will be usable. Nobody can give you a release date. It's ready when it's ready.


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    I have this issue also and whilst I understand there is a code freeze I'm hoping there is potentially a workaround. I want to point my server at a local folder on a local drive but using a UNC share so I can delete from a client on a separate machine. The folder is shared and fully RW on client, but I can't type in the TV Server confguraion and can't browse to my own shares to "select" the UNC path.

    If there is no solution I guess I have to leave the disk to fill up and use quota management


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