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February 12, 2008
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Now my Emprex 3009ARF has died I'm looking for another RF remote but there doesn't seem to be anything.

I actually thought I had the superior URF, which is discontinued. I could get another ARF but whilst it worked OK with my present room layout I'm going to be re-arranging soon and then it's likely I'll run into the ARF's limitations.

Whilst I very much liked the number of keys and shortcuts on the 3009, I have to admit the placement of the transport keys, at the top of the remote, wasn't exactly ergonomic and they were hard to reach when holding it, as one does, in the middle, so I guess this gives me an opportunity to get something with the transport keys in a more sensible position, in the middle below the directional pad, with the shortcut keys up the top instead.

If there's no RF alternatives I'll have to look at IR remotes I guess. Considering that the ARF probably wouldn't work if plugged into the back of my PC a couple of metres away, then I'd have to plug it into the front, or one a USB extension bringing it to the front, anyway so there's not much difference in having an IR remote at the front. Obviously it needs line of sight but that's not really a problem (I'd probably stick the receiver under my TV, as I did when using the Nova-T 500 one, as it's more natural to point the remote at the TV rather than the PC to the right of it).

So any suggestions with a nice appearance and good number of shortcuts like the 3009 (so many remotes seem to be an ugly grey with cheap looking rubber buttons) but reasonably priced (£10-15)?

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