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September 21, 2012
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I am hoping to be able to ditch my Tivo. MediaPortal is looking very promising to me. I am unable to find some answers to some questions and I hope to get them here before I invest in hardware. One of the things I really like with Tivo and would miss is my ablilty to 'download' Amazon VOD to my tivo to watch. How does one watch Amaszon Video on MediaPortal? How about Revision3 programming? These arn't necssarlly deal breakers, I just need to know.


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    Welcome to MediaPortal.

    To the best of my knowledge these systems are not supported (although others will correct me if I am wrong). However, it is very easy to run a 3rd party programme from the menu of MediaPortal (using a plugin called MultiShortCut), if you need to use another programme on your HTPC.


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    There is a NetFlix plugin available. The RSS feeds from Revision 3 can the added to Online videos. Actually I think Revision 3 is already supported. I do not know of a solution for Amazon VOD.

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