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    This is really Strange i have an ASUS U3100 Mini usb tv card. Specs Windows 7 64bit quadcore q9300@2.5ghz 4gb ram Radeon hd 6570 1gb DDR3. Mediaportal Version 1.23.

    Here'ss want strange: im using ampdroid (latest Version) and i have Time Waner cable Basic over air broadcast tv. Im able to watch two differnet tv channles one on my TV and on my Phone. But it will only let me watch certain channels on my phone marked in green. The rest are red. When i switch a channel on my tv, i lose my connection on my phone and now my channel list refreshes on my phone giving me access to different channels again.

    1.) Why am i not able to stream all my channel i have available on my TV to my phone while im watching tv from my pc?
    2.) How come i can't do this when i start the stream first on my phone then turn my pc on to watch tv. i get message(no free cards Available)? *** but if i start live tv on pc first then stream a channel on my phone it allows me to do that**

    3.) Heres the Weirdst part my USB TV card is Not a Dual Turner so how the hell am i able to watch 2 Drifferent tv Channels on my HTPC and my Phone (only certain Channels) At the Same Time?

    Has anyone else run into this.
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    Your TV card & provider use DVB-T. In that protocol several channels are combined in one transponder (aka. 1 frequency). So if you are watching a channel from that transponder, MP can stream (record, transcode, whatever) all the other channels on the same transponder at the same time. That is one of the REALLY BIG FEATURES MP has and noone else.

    MP shows you which channels are available (green) and which are not available at the momen (red). The no free channels error could be due to MP trying to directly tune to a channel that is not available right now. Select another channel.

    So not weird, but just great feature.

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