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July 8, 2005
Milan, Italy
XSL Transformations, or XSLT, is an XML-based language used for the transformation of XML documents. more info here

When MediaPortal is looking for a skin xml to load, for example "DialogAlbumInfo.xml",
before can look if exists a file with the same name but in XSL formal, for example "DialogAlbumInfo.xsl".

If internally MediaPortal mantain an XML documents with all info (like the info actually stored in GuiProperty collection,
but more tree-detailed, and also the MediaPortal.xml config file in a sub-tree called 'Configuration' etc..)

so, MediaPortal can call the XSL file, via XML decribed above, and the XSL can generate the XML for the skin...

This can allow skin designer to use XSL features like xsl:if, xsl:choose, xsl:when to create more dynamic interface...

what we think??

bye! Clodo

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