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October 21, 2005
London, UK
Hi there,

I'm just wondering if there are any updates regarding using passive CPU cooling in this case. Has anyone had any success with passive CPU cooling in this case?



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March 23, 2006
I just bought the Antec Case about 2 weeks ago from Newegg. Actually the NSX2400 or whatever... same case/power supply minus the VFD display which I thought was worthless w/o a remote IR sensor. 100$ + 15shipped USD, but the case front came broken. I had it in hand for an hour before i sent it back. Im ready to go with:

Case is very well designed. Didnt get a chance to test the sound levels though. did a great write-up on it. Saying the PSU is also a great deal for a 100$ case...

Antec Case
e4300 ~ hopefully OCed on stock shit to 2.4ghz easily with
gigabyte uATX
2GB Gskill ram
100gb SATA drive from an old computer (currently making a NAS/server with 1.5TB backend)
nvidia 6600gt

I'm guessing I should have everything in hand ready to go by Wed. newegg is killing me with this delay shit. Goal = 1080p x264 hopefully 40mbit (X3 demo test) in Mediaportal... we'll see



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August 30, 2007
Norway Norway
My experience with Antec Fusion Black 430
- Good cooling solution
- Good Harddisk mounts.
- Nice look
- Terible LCD with no contrast what so ever. Expect max readable distance 1 metre.
- LCD/IR stability. Expect to totally unplug the box 2-5 times a week to reset the IR and LCD
- Crippled iMon LCD work only with Antec's own software, except that it locks up every so often.
- Crippled iMon LCD work only with MCE remote. Reportedly very hard to get to work with any other remote. Not all buttons work.
- Crippeled iMon LCD work only with a few application.

Strong consumer rights in Norway might save me as I want this returend. Just sendt a retun request based on bad LCD contrast and unstable LCD/IR. Crossing my fingers.
The box it self is good. Go for the model without display if you want an antec box.


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October 1, 2006
New Zealand New Zealand
Cant recommend enough

I have the NSK2400 is very very quiet and efficient. Good clean looks. I have a zalman 9600cu (or something) cpu fan that turns on via speed fan if the core temp gets over 40. It hardly EVER does.... Designed from the ground up as an HTPC case. Only mods I did were bend the h/s fins down a bit to fit and seal up the box completely airtight except for the intakes and vents. This increases airflow efficiency dramatically there are no little -ve pressure vortexes (Im talking out my ass here but it sounds good) stuffing up airflow. I then put some green synthetic scouring pad stuff over the intakes to act as filters to keep the dust out and done! COuldnt be happier wiuth my lovely black and silver box =)



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October 23, 2007
I've built a pc in an Antec P180. those white silicone grommets for the hard drive mounts are awesome. I had 4xHDDs in the pc and could barely hear them.


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January 22, 2007
Sweden Sweden
Has anyone tried this gfx card in the Fusion:


Will the heatpipes that extend above the card fit into the case?

Probably not....but there are a couple of other passively cooled 2600Xt cards that should fit.
According to this thread
this card should fit:


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August 14, 2007
Ireland Ireland
I'm using a 8600gts in my case and it was really loud so I fitted the Zalman VNF100. It works really well in this case. it is extreemly quite now. you need the fans running in this case for it to cool though. there is no way to have all the components passive because you will get a build up of heat.

the case airflow works really well. when all is running with the case closed the cpu is at 38 and the gfx at 49 and never really goes over that. what amazed me was that when you open the case and leave it running like that the airflow around the card stops completely and it starts to overheat. as soon as you close it the airflow kicks back in and works like a charm.

Don't get the one with thw VFD you will be left dissapointed. It's rubbish.

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