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May 10, 2005
MossVale, NSW, Australia
I chose the Antec Overture case which fits into my media cupboard but also takes a full ATX M/B with 5 PCI slots.
The power supply and case fans as supplied are very quiet. I originally fitted the standard Intel Pentium4 Prescott 3.06 and cooler. However this is too noisy for the lounge so I have removed the fan and cooler and installed a Zalman AL-CU quiet cooler and am now very happy with the noise level.

My HTPC Setup

Antec Overture HTPC case with i-Mon inside remote controller
Gigabyte 8S648FXP-RZ mother board socket 478/ATX
Pentium 4 3.0 ghz processor
1gB memory
ATI Radeon AGP 8X 9550 128mB TV/DVI
DNT-Live DVB-T Digital TV capture card
Winfast TV 2000XP Analogue capture card
Audigy 2ZS Platinum Sound card
Pyrod AV-1500 DTS Surround sound Amplifier/ FM receiver
HTECH 5 speaker system
Hills TV Antenna with Kingray mast head amplifier
Teac Plasma PLMSD106 cm monitor
Austar Digital
Hotchip SD Set top box


DVI out to plasma
Digital sound out from Audigy 2ZS to amplifier digital 2 input
Internal Winfast Audio out to Audigy 2ZS Aux in

S-video to plasma S-video1 video
Audio1 to plasma S-video1 audio
Audio2 to computer Audigy sound input (2 RCA to 1-3.5mm
Composite video out to Winfast composite video in

Audio out to AV1500 amplifier CD-In

Hot Chip
SCART to Plasma composite 1 video and audio

Viewing only.

FTA digital
Turn on Hotchip
Turn on plasma AV1
Turn on AV1500 to CD input

Viewing only contd.
Austar only
Turn on Austar
Turn on plasma AV2
Turn on AV1500 to CD input

Watching DVD or recording FTA
Turn on computer by pressing Power on I-mon remote
Turn on Plasma to DVI
Turn on AV1500 to Digital 2
App. Launcher on i-mon select DNT live
Select DVD or HDTV
From HDTV you may use DNT Live to record Digital TV

Recording Austar
Turn on computer, plasma and AV1500 as above
App. Launcher on i-mon remote Winfast PVR
From here you may watch any Austar channel and record

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