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The problem could be that single quotes are used in the code. Single quotes and apostrophe is the same character. If double quotes were used instead, it would probably work. It could also be an uneven amount of quotes?

25-Apr-2016 08:40:26.309  Info [           Retriever]: Searching for subtitles...
25-Apr-2016 08:40:26.309 Debug [           Retriever]: ...using TV show query: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1x12 TvdbId: 295760
Notice in the log above, only one single quote before DC, non at the end of the query. That's usually causing problems and the apostrophe in DC's may be is interpreted as the second single quote since that is the same ASCII number. Anyway, this query gives no results.
25-Apr-2016 08:40:26.309 Debug [           Retriever]: Searching site OpenSubtitles...
25-Apr-2016 08:40:26.780 Debug [           Retriever]: Searching site Subscene...
25-Apr-2016 08:40:46.634  Info [           Retriever]: Searching for subtitles...
25-Apr-2016 08:40:46.634 Debug [           Retriever]: ...using TV show query: 'Legends Of Tomorrow 1x12 TvdbId:
If the aphostrophe is removed from the search query, the search works.
25-Apr-2016 08:40:46.634 Debug [           Retriever]: Searching site OpenSubtitles...
25-Apr-2016 08:40:47.129 Debug [           Retriever]: Searching site Subscene...
25-Apr-2016 08:41:17.730  Info [           Retriever]: Downloading subtitles...
25-Apr-2016 08:41:17.730 Debug [           Retriever]: ...from provider OpenSubtitles, subtitle name is 'DCs.Legends.of.Tomorrow.S01E12.HDTV.x264-LOL.srt'
25-Apr-2016 08:41:18.193  Info [           Retriever]: 1 subtitle(s) downloaded to temporary folder.

If you edit the "pretty name" in the TV-Series database so that it has no apostrophe. Then subtitles will be found. This does not work in TV-Series config, only in database. It will only last until next database update.

Is there anyway the "pretty name" could stay without apostrophe?
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