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April 8, 2009
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last 2 days i installed media portal on my new build htpc and i like it really really much :)
i also tried to map my remote control (comes with the technisat skystar 2 dvb-s card) with eventghost and the message plugin (a lot of threads out there) and it worked. BUT there are not enough keys for all functions... so i have to buy a new one.

my question:

in germany ( i can find 2 remote controllers:
- hama mce remote
- speedlink sl-6399

the original microsoft remote is nowhere to buy i think.

what i want is to program my logitech harmony 555 with the mappings from the "original" remote and to be able to have more or less full control over MP. well, and because i can not find a single usb receiver i have to buy the complete package.

which one should be the best?

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