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November 14, 2007
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This is my problem. My receiver (Denon AVR-2308) is too big! I have no where to put it and it has to go. The speakers have to stay (4 * Scandyna Micropod and 1 * B&W M-1 + Scandyna Microsub).

Now, I need to replace the receiver with something and that's my problem, with what?

I do believe that the built in amp in my sub can handle the signal from the sound card in my ION 330 so that's not a problem (please correct me if I'm wrong here).

What's left is amplifying the other 5 channels! How do I solve this? It has to be compact and I like to hide it behind closed doors so heat is a problem.

I'm thinking in the lines of using a 6 channel car amplifier and only use 5 of the channels. I have no idea of how much heat that will generate and what kind of power supply I will need for that set-up. This might not be a good idea for a number of reasons but I simply don't have the knowledge so please help me out here.

Is there any other device on the market that can solve my problem or do I have to build my own 5 channel amplifier for this?

Another idea is to buy 5 mono speaker amplifiers (Kemo M034) and put in a housing.

Please help me out here.



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    wouldn't use a car amp. The power supply u would need would be expensive and big (230V DC->12V AC, >15A). Unfortunately I don't have concrete ideas. Maybe you can check out some mini AV systems and use the amp of this system?



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