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September 5, 2008
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The Plan:
Main MePo HTPC + MePo Server based on Asrock VisionX 420D (Haswell): Series (Haswell)/#Specifications
in the sitting room.

Audio in Sitting Room
Once it's up and running, probably run it through a Yamaha RX-V1065 amp and Q-Acoustics satellite speakers plus BK Electronics XXLS400-DF subwoofer, which I have knocking around. Or via in-ceiling systemline speakers or both if possible.

Maybe try and find an adapter to make the satellite speakers wireless if possible.

NAS running FreeNas or Nas4Free in office/study serving music and films.

MePo Client in bedroom.

IPTV / Baby Monitor
either running off a PC in the study or either the HTPC in the sitting room or in the bedroom (running off one of the HTPCs is probably preferable as they are lower-powered)

AND try and work out a way to interface it all with an existing Systemline/Sonos music system.

MUST all be relatively WAG-friendly
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September 5, 2008
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Main MePo HTPC + MePo Server
First up, the main MePo HTPC / Server.

It needs to be easy to use, have PVR functions, capable of playing music and capable of streaming films.

TV - Existing Samsung Flatscreen, early LED TV. Note to self - persuade wife that 3D is the future.

Main System
Asrock VisionX 420D (Haswell) Series (Haswell)/#Specifications

Why? It's small, is power-efficient, has an optical drive, is 3D Capable and looks great. Yes, I could have put something together in a small form factor case but I don't have much time free at the moment and so needed the system to be relatively off-the-shelf. Yes, it is relatively over-specc'd for a MePo HTPC but that means it's future-proof and means I can run the IPTV PVR software on it as well. I might also use it to push backups of various PCs/devices on the network to the NAS (not sure yet).

TV Cards:
2 x PCTV nanonStick 292e DVB-T2
Startech 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Why? The PCTV sounds reliable as far as I can tell, 4 tuners for multi-recording/viewing/serving Freesat/Freeview. Hub because it means USB sticks are less likely to get knocked out of the back of the VisionX and all the 4 aerial cables can be hidden away behind the TV.

I think I can fit two 2.5" SATA drives in the VisionX plus an mSATA if necessary. It comes with a 1TB HDD that I will take out and re-use.

SSD, Crucial MX100 512GB = System, MePo, Applications, Recordings(?)

SSD, recycled SSD from old HTPC (I think it's a 40GB Samsung) = Pagefile, Timeshifting, Temporary Files, Recordings(?)

Why? The SSDs are more power-efficient, quieter and faster than the mechanical drive that came with the VisionX. I am recycling my old HTPC bits to be a study PC for web-browsing/word processing/etc and can use the mechanical HDD from the VisionX for that box and re-use the SSD in the Vision X. Putting the pagefile and timeshifting files onto the old SSD should (theoretically) speed things up a little and reduce wear on the newer SSD. I am not sure where to put recordings yet - I am leaning towards the new (higher capacity) SSD.

I will try the one that came with the VisionX, use an old Logitech Harmony I have laying around or just use a small BT Keyboard.

Why? I have them already and think I will actually prefer a keyboard as I might use the HTPC for occasional web browsing.

System Software:
Windows 8.1

Why? It's newer and faster than Windows 7 and (as far as I can gather from the MePo forums) now works well with MePo.

MePo Software:
MePo 1.8

Why? Do you need to ask? 1.8 until 1.9 final is released.

MePo Plugins:
To be added.

Other Software:
IPTV PVR software - not looked into yet.


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    If persuading your wife that 3D is the future to be able to buy a new TV set; I would like advice you not to use this as an argument.
    I have watched quite some people pay extra money for 3D features on new TV's and since:
    1) 3D was a commercial hype
    2) there is no standard for 3D
    3) the extra cost to create/transport 3D content will not make it mainstream (yet)
    4) the effect of 3D is mainly with back-front movements which is mainly suited for movies

    I have bought a 'basic' TV without paying any attention to the 3D capabilities because when/if it will become more mainstream, most likely this will be in some other way.

    Just my 2c.

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