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March 13, 2005
I've tried to use the ATI Remote Wonder with Mediaportal 0.1.3 - no plugin installed. The few buttons I use to navigate work fine, except that the ATI native software keeps crashing after a few minutes/clicks.

Does anyone else experience these problems? I'm using the latest driver and software from ATI's homepage.

Installing the plugin does probably not help, since it still uses the ATI software.


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December 27, 2005
RW S/W crashing? Yes...

Happens to me too, ATI software just dies. I tried updating the driver as MS Update suggested but that was even worse.

I ended up buying a Hauppauge HVR-1300 which included IR remote but now MP crashes whenever it is enabled...

If anybody knows, I'd too appreciate hints about the ATI software and would like to know if someone has eliminated this problem.

BTW, shouldn't this topic be moved somewhere?

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