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November 22, 2008
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Started on: 2011-05-10
last update: 2011-05-10

Summary: Playing Audio Books in MP as music files is a pain as they are sometime over one hour long and fast forwarding doesn't work very well and it also means you cant just resume playback if you have stopped it halfway like a TV or video.

So what might best be the way to achieve simple playback and resume of Audio Books?

It would be great if MP would allow Long Audio files to be resumed at a later date by either adding some features to the music section or maybe a special plugin could be written to do this.

With help from a friend / fellow MP enthusiast I am now aware of this topic being raised in the past (under different spelling), but I see nothing as yet has been done to achieve good playback and resume of Audio Books in MP.

On thinking about this topic further a special plugin for this might be the best way to go as that might allow audio book files to be kept totally separate from music. Having them mixed up means that when randomly playing music files an audio book might suddenly start playing, maybe not want you want in the middle of a party or romantic evening with your sweetheart :) So having started this thread here I am now looking to find a plugin forum to continue the process of achieving simple playback and resume of Audio Books in MP? When I find the best forum I will see if I can link this thread to it.

Area: Playing Audio Books /audiobooks

Description: A thread that might lead to a very effective means of simple playback and resume of Audio Books.

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