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  • October 27, 2010
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    Hi Everyone,

    Just bought a new TV, and i'm back in the MP2 world, as the firts test I made was to use MP2 on it ^^

    Today, I think we miss some configuration option for the audio rerender, let me explain.

    I choose in MP2 the audio rerender to be my HDMI output in order to send the sound to the TV, but the default windows rerender is still my main speakers (connected with a 3.5 mini jack behind my computer)

    The result is that all sounds from a video are correctly send to my TV, but the interface sounds and the music are sent to the default windows rerender. I think we should have multiple options, in order to send any different source of sound to any rerender. IE : Rerender for video, Rerender for interface, Rerender for music. This way, MP2 becomes totally independent from the windows default rerender and any parameter could be overwriten. I just hope BASS supports a rerender choice.

    Please, comments are welcome.



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