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  • November 8, 2008
    this is probably quite an ask, and I assume it would be technically difficult (if indeed possible at all), but just wanted to post in case its of interest.

    When watching xvid encoded avi's, sometimes the audio is out of sync (I guess this is usually because the original conversion wasnt done properly) this seems to be especially apparent with xvid rips of some tv shows, where some eps are in sync and others out of sync. Occasionally the case with some encoded movies too though.

    Is there any chance of providing a sync adjustment for audio within the MP gui? (some number of ms either way) so that users can sync the video of out-of-sync vids 'on the fly'?

    For me its just too much hassle to get the vid and put it in virtual dub and do a re-encode, and I assume this is what would need to occur (im not really conversant with the mechanics of how or if this is possible while the video is playing), but if it were a relatively simple thing to achieve it would be a very handy feature for those of us who watch a lot of downloaded content on MP.


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    Indeed this, if at all possible, would be very helpful. I have any number of videos that are out-of-sync. I don't want to have to re-encode them, especially when it's only something I am going to watch once. To shift audio +/- while watching a video would be very, very handy.

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