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January 24, 2005
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Many of us are using a 16:9 tv, and I am looking for a function to automaticly adjust tv and video image to fit 16:9 screens.
Also an auto crop function to remove the black bands in top/bottom of many movies would be a good idea :)

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  • December 7, 2004
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    It would be good to have it as a ratio. I find that only 60% of shows are in widescreen so its not needed to be on all the time. 4:3 users get there pan&scan, but we need one for zooming further in without distorting the picture. (Zoom only zooms the to the edges of the picture).


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  • September 15, 2004
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    My Sony widescreen has a 'Wide Zoom' option - when it's recieving a 4:3 picture it half zooms/half stretches it (in between Zoom and Stretch, it's a nice compromise - figures arent' stretched much, and the picture doesn't get cropped much), and when it's recieving a 16:9 picture it automatically displays it as 16:9. This would be ideal! Somehow...


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    January 29, 2005

    Another option:

    I use a selfmade beamer using an stripped 15 inch screen to project the movie to a big 16:9 screen. see

    TO force the picture to be always 16:9 including MP itself i use the following program power strip

    THis program forces your LCD screen to become 16:9. Instead of using 1024x768 it will use 1024X576, placing a black bar in top and front

    THe computer/program has no smart zoom like the Sony television theref ore this powerstrip is great. In this way the movie and the complete Windows desktop is always displayed as 16:9.

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