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  • November 30, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    I like to suggest a new feature for MediaPortal 1.

    I'm using Subcentral to find and download subtitles wich is working pretty good. How ever, it happend a lot of times that a subtitle is not 100% in sync with the video file, so with the subtitle slider in the osd menu I need to get it in sync.

    I thought, there should be a way to get this done automaticly, but I'm not sure..

    So the question is, is there a way to get an option to let MP start the subtitle when the first voice is recognized in the video? That should be awesome!

    No idea if this is possible.. Just an idea!



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    Hello Marcel

    Interesting idea. I guess it might be possible... but very, very, very challenging. So hard that it would take years of work, and still maybe not work reliably.
    ...but still, interesting. :)

    Identifying voice in an audio track would be the first challenge. For this I guess you'd need a codec that could "parse"/process uncompressed audio to separate the voices from the other sounds. This could be hard. Especially for language-independent speech (different languages sound different => require different recognition techniques?)... and if more than one person is talking at once.

    Second would be recognising that somebody in the video is talking. This would require a code that could "parse"/processed uncompressed video to find the talker. Honestly, this is most likely to be impossible. The person who is talking may not even be shown in the video... or the quality/resolution may be too poor to identify lips moving properly.

    This seems too hard from a technical perspective. Perhaps there's another easier way to do it?


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    That would be a great feature.

    Maybe some kind of internal voice recognition. Like a Kinect but as an internal piece of software which just listens to the audio like a person would in front of the TV. I think voice recognition is pretty good nowadays. Then compare the subtitle text with the recognized text and show them accordingly in sync. A little bit like Skype (http://www.skype.com/en/translator-preview/) is trying to do live voice translation, but in this case we already have the written text (subtitle). It needs "just" to be compared to the recognized audio text.

    But still, hard task. But not impossible (I hope :) ).

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