[Approved] Auto3D plugin support for MediaPortal (1 Viewer)

Marcus Venturi

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  • March 23, 2012
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    The MediaPortal GUI is not able to display correct, if the TV is in SBS/TAB 3D mode. These patch enables 3D support for the GUI and various other features described in this thread:


    - correct display of GUI in 3D SBS and TAB mode
    - convert 3D movie into 2D
    - correct 3D wide screen TAB movies
    - 3D display for subtitles (with adjustable depth)


    And I have to thank azzuro for gettings this into a GIT branch as I'm a complete GIT rookie.
    He sent me detailed descriptions which helped me lot, and answered my questions patiently. (y)

    The Core changes have already been used by a lot of users and seem to be pretty stable now, while the Auto3D plugin is still changing.

    If the 3D mode is "off" nearly the original code paths are used. Therefore the risk of breaking something else should be low.
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