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    Hello Men,

    For make an suite to this thread "Component Selection"
    i have decided to build my own TVE server Case.

    Voila the result :


    History :
    My eyes was locked on this case : E420B with front acces.
    e420b-righttop-z.jpg e420b - initial-001.jpg

    but this case was too depth for my cabinet. So i called manfucaturer for build an personal case. i send to him this project : an e420b but reduced.

    e420b - modifié-001.jpg

    but at the end, i must buy 30 ex minimum. with prototype .... so not the good solution for my money.

    The Project :
    After search the e420b or clone case. i have switch to an other solution.
    Take an old case and modify it.
    i have forget to take picture of the original case.

    The closet ( under WC lol ) :
    This "box" contain 1 rack 8 ports for HomeLan ( Cat 6A) + 1 Switch Netgear 8 port Gigabyte + 1 Nas 5 bay ( empty since 2 year :( 500€ for HDD )

    And the New TVE server 90% finished ( missing back panel / and Electrical stuff )


    It's composed of an old Computer case resized to 420(l) x 230 (h) x 280 (d), the height inside the case id 180mm
    with an old Tuner hifi for Add 2 x 5.25" bay.

    I have added also 2 bay 3.5" who can be removed if needed ( CPU Radiator very high)


    The Hifi Tuner modded with 2x 5.25 bay
    i have planned and already buy, an adaptator ( 1x 2.5 + 1x 3.5 to 1x 5.25 bay )

    Closing the rear panel
    DSC_0079.JPG DSC_0081.JPG

    Next update contain the small wood-panel for support LED and one switch button.
    I'm agree it's not beautifull, but as it's for server ...

    DSC_0072.JPG DSC_0073.JPG

    Rear of the wood panel with the switch M/B who is incrusted inside Wood, only missing hot-glue.


    The wood will be painted in black. with spray ...

    The Hifi tuner with HDD rack.

    DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0078.JPG
    Edit :
    mounting the case
    DSC_0088.jpeg DSC_0090.jpeg

    Claning the case :

    Finish the mounting, with the HDD case + PC components


    and the Server on his location.


    Final Result :
    The closet with all hardware inside

    and with the door

    Let me know, what do you think. ;)
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    Salut Azzuro,

    Impressionnant ton boitier. A la base on dirait pc industriel.
    Tu as en plus un onduleur... ça ne consomme pas trop sur la facture edf (mauvais rendement en général)?


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