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January 25, 2009
Plymouth, UK
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I am using the Hauppauge S/S2 satellite PCI card and MediaPortal acts as a server to allow me to watch the channel on another TV, using the MedaPortal Client and the VLC Media Player.

I am finding that the DD Stream is not available on the VLC player, so I can only play the two channel audio.

Stream 1 is full stereo/DPL, Stream 2 is a much quieter version, and sounds as if only the center channel is playing, full volume, while the left/rightsurround is there, but much much quieter.

Any ideas? What should I check.

I can play files that I have saved by the WinTV7 application on VLC perfectly in full DD5.1 where the file is hosted on the PC with the receiver card, and played by VLC on the other PC.


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