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SiLenTYL said:

I got a 720p copy of a movie the other day and tryed it out in XBMC...streaming and from was a .TS (transport stream)
The movie is rarely smooth.....and on the whole i got around 20 FPS, instead of 30..which it should be.

When the PC sends a 720p .TS (transport stream) Digital TV signal in standard definition(SD) to the xbox...will the xbox be able to play it smoothly?
whoops! sorry, my mistake.. I said SD was 720x576p (progressive), when actually it is 720x576i (interlaced). The 576i SD .TS was playing fine on my XBOX when using a networked SAMBA share and XBMC (Feb version I think). I'll need to check the 576p (Network 7 and SBS HD) and see if they play ok. Channel 9 (1920x1088i), Channel 10 (1440x1088i) and ABC (1440x1088i) forget it.

I've also tried NTSC HD playback thru the XBOX and it stuttered too much (Van Helsing and The Alamo HD trailers). A Dreambox mod would prolly have the grunt though - anyone out there with a Dreambox (1.4GHz XBOX) comment on HDTV playback using XBMC?



DVB support via BDA drivers would be the kick ass thing that absolutely seals the deal for me.

I'm a huge fan of XBMC - it's amazing. This converion with the TV support really floats my boat.

Common Frodo, I know you have a DVB-T card...saw your post on xbmc forums months ago ! :)



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    It is being worked on.
    Many of us have DVB crds and would like this support in MP.



    Is there a plan to implement this at all? If so, when? If not, why? It would be nice with an answere since there are several people that has asked the question.


    MrMario64 said:
    as can be read on other places in the forums,
    Johnad is gonna work on dvb cards.

    it is impossible to pinpoint a precise time.
    as we depend on the free time of devs.
    Don't forget that.
    I have never said anything about not beeing greatful about people spending their limited time on a project like this, in fact I respect that and think that they all deserve a big thanks. After spending almost every eavening the past two months doing graphics for your skins I know how important it is to hear one or two appricative words from the people involved.


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    I did not intend any bad thing that might be implied.
    But you asked an answer to:

    This cannot be given, and I gave the reason why.
    Thats all.
    Nothing intended.

    Forums take up a load of time to maintain.
    Answering every single post would mean that Frodo won't have time to code anymore for MP.
    These r all plain and simple facts causing posts, pm's etc to be filtered.
    If time was on our side, every post,PM or irc question would be answered immediately.
    But due to this, sometimes post can be forgotten to.

    It's not that we r ignoring on purpose here.


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    Gizmomelb said:
    SiLenTYL said:
    A Dreambox mod would prolly have the grunt though - anyone out there with a Dreambox (1.4GHz XBOX) comment on HDTV playback using XBMC?

    hi, using Dreambox 7000 and VLC or Media Player (with Moonlight Elecard Drivers for HDTV), what is XBMC?

    anybody tryign to connect Dreambox to Media Portal, that would be so awesome... :lol:

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