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October 18, 2011
Hello folks,

Can somebody please tell me how to find out which TV cards come with BDA drivers?
Are the manufacturers developing BDAs or are the BDAs drivers somebody did make for a certain card, using the BDA guidelines?

It's confusing for me. I don't really know what to look for/how to find out if I have a bda driver for my video card (Philips 7134 - analog and DVB-T hybrid).

I can't get the card to work with media portal in most recent Vista 32 installation, which is dedicated for mediaportal.
But I had the card working last year with a Win7 installation. Don't know which drivers/where they came from any more...

Anybody any input for me?



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    Hi WorstCases

    There are not very many cards that *don't* come with BDA drivers. BDA is a Microsoft standard. Almost all manufacturers develop BDA drivers. There are only a few exceptions, and the NXP/Philips SAA7134 is *not* one of them - there are BDA drivers available. If the drivers are not included with Windows then search the support section on the reseller's website (eg. AverMedia, Pinnacle, Hauppauge etc. *not* NXP or Philips) - there should be drivers there.


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