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November 27, 2007
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Hi there

I´ve a dedicated PC as HTPC with MP installed connect by HDMI to a Plasma TV and i use LAV Codec.
My Card is NVIDIA GT610 and i use the follow settings.
Can someone tell me if this is the best config to see movies DVDRIP AND BRRIP on my TV?



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April 9, 2009
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Been trying it out, but sorry to say I still get jittering (maybe about 1 time pr. minute) when I play Live HD TV. I have tried this on 3 of my network PCs (with three different display adapters and displays) and none of them are jitter free. When I try to play 1-black clipping, I cannot se the TV Brightness line (thus I cannot adjust the brightness) could this be the problem?


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April 9, 2009
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Solved :)
The problem was not the codecs but the speed of my timeshift disk (SATA). I changed the timeshift folder to my SSD disk (the same one that my OS is running on), and now its working great:D. I heard somewhere, that SSD disk are not good for timeshifting (they wear out). Anyone who would like to comment this?


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  • December 20, 2011
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    I heard somewhere, that SSD disk are not good for timeshifting (they wear out). Anyone who would like to comment this?
    All SSD have concerns with how many times you can erase/write the same data blocks and a large number 10,000-100,000 erase/writes to the same block(s) can degrade the reliability of the high traffic data blocks. Since timeshift buffers sees a lots of writes they are more likely to see problems and I would not recommend using a SSD for timeshifting. A SSD used for the OS disk is less likely to see this problem since a lot of the data is static, write once or only write a few times. But there can be "hot spots" that see a lot of writes to the same data blocks. The SSD internal controllers try to detect this do "wear leveling" to spread the writes over the SSD to help with this problem.

    More info than you probably want is in "How Controllers Maximize SSD Life" (15 page pdf)

    some good google search terms

    ssd endurance how many erase/writes can be done to the same data block before causing reliability problems

    ssd wear leveling how SSD controllers and OS's try to spread erase/write traffic over a SSD to reduce wear problems

    ssd controller algorithm info on how SSDs try to improve data reliability. Some of the Samsung white papers are interesting but probably more than you are interested in.

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